Staff Augmentation as a Catalyst in Solving Hiring Issues

In the current times, businesses do not miss out on any creative opportunities that can give their productivity a boost, cut down expenses, and enhance their growth. Just like planning, organizing, and controlling, staffing is one of the vital functions of management. But recruiting employees is not as easy as it looks unless you’re running a staffing agency.

As staffing isn’t your main business, finding the right employees for your company can be a hard nut to crack. Even if you have the Human Resource department, you may not be as good as a staffing agency that is mainly dedicated to finding and matching talent to the vacant positions in your company.

Hiring long-term employees and giving them the required training is a costly and time-consuming process. Thus, to deal with staffing issues, companies have started embracing staff augmentation, which is the process of outsourcing skilled labor for a particular period. Now, instead of spending your money on recruiting long-term employees, you only need to outsource the contract to specialized employee

The benefits of incorporating Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation has proven to be really helpful in engineering and IT realms, where the recruitment of experienced and highly-qualified workforce is a necessity. Needless to say, the requirement of skilled staff may increase the expenses of the organization by a great extent. If you follow the traditional recruiting approach, you may end up hiring full-time employees. So why not embrace staff augmentation and save considerable resources and time?

Here’s how staff augmentation acts as a catalyst in solving staff hiring problems:

1. Staff Augmentation is Cost-effective

The hiring process comes with a lot of expenses. Research suggests that a company is likely to spend as much as twice the annual salary they pay to their employees in executing the traditional staffing process. The recruiting expenses, training expenses, etc. can cost an employer an arm and a leg.

According to studies, the replacement of an employee (whose annual salary is $30,000) can cost the company an amount equal to around 16% of his salary. It escalates to 20% when it comes to replacing the workers whose salary is near $50,000 per year and 213% for filling the vacant positions of super experienced and specialized executives and managers of the company. The factors that add to the staffing expenses are:

  • Recruitment postings
  • Job fair sponsorships
  • College recruiting trips (to search and hire fresh talent)
  • Professional membership, and so on

It’s pretty surprising to say that the recruitment process can cost anywhere between $3,000 and $5,000 to a company (the figures can be more, depending on the type of employee needed). It is worthy to note that these expenses do not include the salary of the new employee.

Staff augmentation approach cuts down the recruitment cost significantly. Now the companies have to pay the worker as per the time they devoted to complete the particular task. Additionally, they don’t have to worry about any recruiting expenses such as the cost of training the employee, recruitment posting, etc. Staff augmentation focuses on hiring the workers that come equipped with the practice and knowledge of the job.

2. Staff Augmentation is an Efficient Process

In the event of unpredictable firings and resignations, businesses conduct a quick search for new employees who can fill vacant positions. Sometimes, it is the large volume of advanced projects that may call for additional staff or specialized labor. Such events may put the reputation and productivity of the company at stake. Of course, a company can hire fresh talent, but what about time? You can’t hire fresh employees and expect them to start work on the same day.

First of all, finding the employees is a time-consuming task. The recruitment posting, interviews, background check, etc. make the overall staffing process super tedious. Imagine you are done with the appointment, screening, and interviewing process, but unfortunately, the candidate changes his mind and turns down the position. Nothing can be more frustrating than getting back to the first step and carrying out the staffing process all over again.Studies suggest it takes more than 23 days for a company to accomplish its staffing process and get the new employee settled in the organization. Add a month or two of training to this figure. In simple terms, it takes months to get the employee to work accurately.

Staff augmentation gives specialized employees to the company. It hardly takes some days for the experienced workers to get started with your project. They save you training costs and time.

3. Staff Augmentation Lowers Risk

By hiring a long-term employee, you are inviting a considerable amount of risk. Of course, you may train your employee and provide the necessary practice, but there is still a risk involved in handing over all the technical projects to your new employee. You never know if the person your entire company is relying on will be able to accomplish the given tasks within the deadline and with accuracy.

Fortunately, this is not the case with skilled personnel. Yes, that’s true! You will never get to face any issue with the quality of the work or deadline, given that you have outsourced your contract to professional workers. This is what the concept of staff augmentation focuses on; that is, outsourcing the work to the temporary yet skilled employees that guarantee 100% efficiency.

It is important to note that augmenting the employee is no different from outsourcing your contract to the outsiders except for the condition that you keep it in-house. This way, you can keep an eye on the skilled workforce and supervise them if necessary.


Staff augmentation is one of the best alternatives to the traditional recruitment process and managed services. From cutting down the new employee recruiting and training expenditure to saving time to lowering risk involved with new employees, staff augmentation can save a company in work crisis period.

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