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Business enterprises, big or small, are moving towards contingent staffing as a solution to meet their temporary tasks or short-term employment. Hiring temporary workers for a short period of employment is the new means of fulfilling a company’s need for casual workers for a limited period.

Contingent staff usually includes people working as freelancers or those employed under temporary work contracts. At Serigor, we meet the challenges of finding the skilled contingent or temporary workforce that fits the job with the most cost-efficient hiring. A large number of small and medium enterprises along with enterprises giants have started managing their workflow with a more economical, quality high and low liability staffing that comes with contingent or temporary workers, who work from remote areas, coordinate with the in-house team and deliver the finest solutions to any task while meeting company standards. Our pool of recruiters knows how to connect the best freelancers and businesses to provide a well-structured process that comprises flexibility, quality, accessibility and availability as well as cost-efficient productivity.

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Why opt for Contingent Staffing with Serigor?

Serigor’s staffing experts, with their ample experience in providing temporary workforce solutions to projects of all kinds, have been helping enterprises with the most automated management of contingent staffing. Our widespread cloud of contingent recruiters brings the best of skillful workers to meet your project goals with more flexibility, a fully managed system and less-expensive-high-quality performance.

Serigor with its precise contingent staffing management has helped businesses fuel their productivity, by addressing the project requirements and resource allocation challenges. Hiring a remote freelancer might be easy but managing the widespread contingent workforce for better engagement with the in-house team needs comprehensive management and excellent optimization, the kind Serigor is known to deliver.

At Serigor, our contingent staffers are experts who work meticulously by building an extensive database of temporary workers and screening them against your business and project requirements, ensuring you hire only quality and skilled personnel for a fixed time.

Our contingent recruiters use the best of tools from high-end networking, job fairs, and social media to incentive-based referrals to deliver skilled and disciplined short-term workers matching the job position.

Hiring a contingent staff with Serigor means

  • Quick & skilled hiring
  • Automated process
  • Low-cost labour

Just find the right recruitment for temporary workers with Serigor in 3 steps:

  • Talk to us, let us know what you need
  • Let our team present the best candidates
  • Get your ideal contingent staff solution from a thoroughly vetted lot

Contingent Recruitment Benefits

  • Flexibility in hiring for short-term projects
  • Expense and time friendly
  • Automated management of workers, project life cycle, invoicing, etc
  • Reduction in rouge spending
  • Improved productivity without hiring delays
  • Decrease compliances and deadline delays
  • Freedom from incentives or pay benefits
  • No hassle of job contract
  • Part-time arrangements of all parties

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