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Agile Project Management is fast becoming the standard that adopts an iterative ideology in the management of software development projects. It focuses highly on the continuous release and incorporation of customer feedback. This development is largely a resultant consequence of the evolution in software development.

Agile Consulting Solution

Lately, Software companies have embraced Agile Delivery approach, due to the need to cut down waste and foster clarity in results while addressing the ever-changing needs of customers. This is a deviation from the secular waterfall project management model that focuses on sudden business launches. Agile allows software teams to collaborate in a better and more efficient manner in the creation of new ideas.

Agile Project Management has proven itself as an effective tool in the transformation of businesses, acting as an effective catalyst to innovation and driving profitable growth. Serigor Agile consulting provides top-to-bottom agile delivery services to our customers, which will help increase the agility and productivity of their business.

Unlock Business Agility

Serigor has a management team that handles training across hundreds of cross-functional teams to improve time to market, raise staff morale, boost quality and push to become an organization that truly adapts. Leaders of the conventional market are under pressure due to the emergence of modern technologies and the growth of new business models.

For this reason, established business organizations must constantly innovate and deliver faster and smarter than their competitors to ensure they stay in the game. They need to embrace the possibilities of the new trend in their own established products, service lines, and business models to stay relevant and sustain their customer base while penetrating into new territories.

When the essentials of business agility get integrated into the culture, agility engines will outsmart and outperform the completion, while also creating a differentiator. Agile organizations evolve by continuously learning to improve their success and are driven by empowered and passionate teams. Business agility can be seen through Delivery Agility, Organizational Agility, Effective Leadership Agility, and when these organizations enjoy the benefits of

  • Delivery in a timely and responsive manner
  • Creative ideas and controlled disruption
  • Capability to adapt an organization’s culture to future goals
  • Navigate and stand top amidst complexity

The effective application of these capabilities ensures that organizations create and execute on their mission, vision, strategy, and roadmap.

Generating value for your organization with agile project delivery

Generating value for your organization with agile project delivery

Mitigate project risks with agile project delivery

Mitigate project risks with agile project delivery

Serigor Agile Consulting Services

Agile transformation is complex and hard to implement when not done methodically. To successfully carry out the Agile transformation of a business, there’s a need for effective strategies, planning, review, and organizational readiness. Serigor builds on its experience and highly skilled agile development experts and guarantees that your agile journey will be a successful and rewarding one based on our below agile consulting services offerings:

  • Conduct Agile maturity evaluations
  • Provide Agile consulting
  • Conduct programs and project risk evaluations
  • Assess maturity of existing Software Development Life Cycle and Agile methodologies
  • Develop controls frameworks necessary for the success of Agile projects
  • XP implementation
  • Safe implementation
  • Best-fit process framework
  • Training and support
  • Assess the control mechanisms
  • Help control functions to better enable Agile teams
  • Provide foundational and in-depth Agile training and ongoing coaching
  • SCRUM implementation

Our Approach To Building An Agile Ecosystem

Our first step is to evaluate the existing capabilities, then our team of experts creates a roadmap for you to reach your goal of a highly agile organization. On this journey of transformation, Serigor supports you in welcoming proven methods and practices to maximize your organizational performance. Our track record puts us in the best position to give you the rational advice, proven training program, coaching, and learning you need to follow on your path to agile development.

We partner with various organizations on their journey, teaching, and implementing methods that:

Agile Consulting Services

  • Syncs with the organization’s vison, strategy and shared goals
  • Promotes productive, agile adaptive, high performing, and highly collaborative empowered agile teams
  • Deliver systems and solutions in a scalable manner and translate the product vision with continuous delivery
  • Institutionalize predictability and confidence of disciplines delivery within the limited resources and organizational capacity
  • Promotes a stronger delivery system built on the foundation of transparency and collaboration
  • Scale Agile development across business segments and verticals

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” a phrase conceived by Peter Druckeris and an absolute reality!. This implies that any progressive company that is farsighted can disconnect the two without risking future consequences.

Agile software development combines speed with transparency and collaboration across the organization. It fosters a platform where leaders champion positive change, agility for business, true business-IT partnerships, and empowered teams and employees. This is the foundation for improving your organization’s cultural values and ensuring continuous progress across the entire customer value stream while transforming your business into a learning organization.

SAFe Journey

Enabling SAFe Journey

The Scaled Agile framework known as the SAFe™ approach, is fast becoming a popular approach for Agile practices at an enterprise scale. This approach was first explained in several books by Dean Leffingwell and draws upon the combined elements of Lean thinking, Agile development strategies and theories of Product Development Flow. Through the successful experiences by many organizations of this approach at an enterprise scale, SAFe has evolved into a broad and deep framework for guidance and this can be accessed on-line

Structured into a three-level pattern, this approach is designed to be tailored and adapted with additional or fewer levels as required for each implantation. The first phase is the Agile team level, which is based on SCRUM and extreme programming with multiple teams delivering user stories.

Beyond this level, SAFe approach targets programs involving around fifty people or more. The program level allows Agile teams to coordinate their collaboration on features through release-train planning and the advanced definition and creation of architectural runway. The kanban-based approach is employed at the portfolio level and is used to define and manage both business and architectural epics that may arise against investment themes and roadmap vision.

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