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Change is unrelenting. With past precedents of financial turmoil and the beckoning of digital adoption, risks are emerging on all fronts. At Serigor, our risk cyber security services help clients prevent and mitigate the unknown and unexpected. Align your security program with our full suite of service capabilities, from strategy to technology and everything in between to achieve specific business outcomes.

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Most organizations only attend to a fraction of their business ecosystems. The ultimate winners never ignore the big picture – migrating from traditional corporate governance to ecosystem governance. With comprehensive risk mitigation, companies can improve performance by avoiding unnecessary damage while anticipating and addressing challenges critical to their survival.

Smart Risk Management Delivers Performance

Our cyber security services help companies adopt leading practices in risk management and ecosystem governance. We help clients turn insurmountable business difficulties into opportunities for growth, resilience, and long-term benefits.

Cyber Resilient Businesses maintain business continuity while continuously under persistent threats and sophisticated attacks, that are constantly getting more sophisticated, enabling your business to confidently tackle your IT systems development and maintenance. Smart risk management strengthens customer trust and boosts shareholder value and lack of it may have negative consequences.

Our Framework For Delivering Cyber Security Services

We deliver our cyber security services through our Secure, Protect, and Response framework incorporating strong project management that provides metrics for each project’s fulfillment of goals, stakeholders management, and quality assurance. Serigor will use a combination of US-based resources and our US Delivery Center to provide the highest level of service while managing costs


  • • Growth/innovation • Operational efficiency • Risk management    • Regulatory compliance


Identify top risks, align investments, develop an executive-led cyber risk program
and adapt to changes in business strategies and threats

  • Strategy and operating model
  • Policies, standards and architecture
  • Cyber risk culture and behavior
  • Cyber risk management metrics and reporting


A measured, risk-prioritized approach to defend against known/emerging threats

  • Cloud Security
  • Third party risk management
  • Physical security
  • Identity lifecycle management
  • Access control
  • Application Security
  • Asset Management
  • Malware Protection
  • End-user device security
  • Network Security
  • Data loss prevention
  • Encryption
  • Information lifecycle management
  • Data Privacy


Develop situational awareness and threat intelligence to identify harmful behavior

  • Penetration testing and vulnerability scanning
  • Cyber threat intelligence
  • Security event monitoring
  • Patch & vulnerability management
  • Security platform administration and operations
  • Managed Security Services


Have the ability to recover from and minimize the impact of cyber incidents

  • Incident readiness
  • Incident response
  • Business continuity management and recovery

Our goal is to provide client-centric cyber risk managed services with advanced security platforms and proven skills to deliver services and helping complex organizations protect growth, performance, and value.

Our vision is a world where cyber defense is efficient, effective, and effortless. Our security services goal is to help businesses secure their data and conduct their business with certainty. We believe cybersecurity is not a cost-center to the business, but actually a revenue-generator.

Our Services

Security Consulting

We offer a complete portfolio of services to help complex organizations establish their cyber risk appetite, design and implement Secure, Protect, and Response programs, and assist in the ongoing management, maintenance, and adaptation of their programs as the business and threat environments change.

Cyber Risk Management and Compliance Services

We understand the complexity of compliance landscape with the intersection of federal, healthcare, and payment card industry requirements. Our approach and methodology will help design and implement secure transformational enterprise programs to reduce and manage security risks.

Our services include assessments and strategy, security technology architecture, implementation of data protection solutions, governance risk and compliance process automation, third party risk management programs, and data privacy solutions.

Security Service Implementation and Assessments

We support client’s with assessing, designing, implementing, and managing solutions to reduce vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure design and controls to protect them from attacks. We bring a team of subject matter resources who are specialized in each area to be assessed (e.g. cloud, network devices, firewalls) and assess against frameworks and accelerators we have developed in these areas.

Managed Security Services and Incident Management

Our Managed Security Services can help you manage cyber risks with a range of customized, integrated security services that deliver 24×7, business focused security for your critical systems and data.Our enterprise incident response framework provides an iterative approach to enterprise incident response provides a repeatable and responsive method to prevent incidents, minimize impact, and protect critical data.

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