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Do you need to set up a custom enterprise solution from the ground up, or an experienced integrator to develop and handle a range of complex enterprise applications in modern as well as legacy technologies? Or maybe you need to create connected ecosystems that propel your company to produce. Chances are that you’ve heard of Serigor, a diversified team of developer who offers a wide range of technical services which range from IT development, Agile, DevOps, Custom application development to enterprise integration. Our team of experts at Serigor develops applications that are designed to address specific enterprise needs.

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We handles a wide range of complex enterprise applications in modern as well as legacy technologies, you can find a trusted high value partner in Serigor with our in-depth solutions to your business application and software needs designed to give your business and edge in a very competitive economy.

Design, Development and Implementation Solutions To Custom Application Development

At Serigor, our team brings on proven strategies and methods with our top-notch custom software development services like:

  1. Cross-Platform Application Development
  2. Web Application Development
  3. Mobile Application Development
  4. Content Management Systems Development
  5. Portal Development

Our goal is to design develop all custom enterprise applications which automate complex organizational processes that give quick results.

Goal-driven Enterprise Integration

Serigor designs applications that integrate scattered enterprise applications like CRM, ERP, payment processors, content management, and even social media channels together in order to accomplish business processes and continuity, business enablement, data effectiveness, and collaboration that are necessary for business growth and development. Our expertise in enterprise integration cuts across; cloud integration, data integration, application integration, B2b Integration, and Message integration.

Legacy Brand Remodelling

We review and revitalize the architecture of aging legacy technologies, and ensure they migrate to modern platforms, they are enriched with modern platforms. They are enriched with modern features that allow the device to function independently, improves the user experience, and at the same time keeps it up with modern security and scalability standards. With our scheduled maintenance and planning strategies, we ensure a smooth transition from traditional to modern systems by retaining business procedures and practices.

Serigor Maintenance & Operations Solutions

The present-day economy demands more focus on core business areas. However, maintaining critical enterprise applications is also important this is why Serigor designs maintenance & operations package applications that help you do both effectively and successfully. Our range of M&O capabilities include Security Updates & Patches, Bug Fixes, Developing New functionalities and Application Scaling.

Bringing Future Vision To Actualization

At Serigor we help optimize the people, processes, tools, and designs needed to take our clients from the drawing board to adoption and ultimately scale their business at a speed greater than the pace of disruption
Serigor Agile Software Development Solutions.
Our Agile development at Serigor focuses on building an efficient Agile team that develops sophisticated and modernized software that provides solutions to your specific business needs. With this, less time is wasted on software development and better software solution is made for your business.

DevOps Approach

With the Serigor DevOps team and our leading software engineering trends, we make the transition to modern enterprise applications possible by bringing business, development, and operations teams together to standardize IT and applying more automated processes. Our clients deliver faster and have greater agility by implementing DevOps.

SAFe Adoption For Productivity

Organizations looking to leverage the SAFE approach for Agile software development gets to see significant improvement in terms of productivity. The SAFE framework addresses three key levels for scaling: the Portfolio, the Program, and the Team. Serigor uses its experience with large-scale organizational change and transformation, so we can ensure you achieve Agile at a pace that is the fastest, most efficient and lasting manner

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