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The new era of data-driven and AI-run businesses calls for an evaluation of the existing business working model and technology in use. Inspecting the current business model and computing environment to upgrade and update to a more efficient, more future-driven environment becomes a critical decision and process. At Serigor, our digital engineers and architects recognize the need for Legacy System Modernization and acknowledge the challenges that come with migrating old legacy systems to newer and contemporary platforms.

Serigor offers a well-structured and planned system of migrating old legacy to more modern architecture by incorporating most methodological processes through a team of application migration experts.

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Legacy system and legacy modernization

In a digital world of business, a legacy system refers to an old infrastructure of data and applications that are outdated and runs in an old-fashioned style of functionality that requires high maintenance. Stubborn operation hindrances caused by a monolithic environment of software also restrict any scope of innovation.

Unless you move your outdated business system to a new platform synced with modernized tools, battling the ever-growing competition will only stay a corporate dream.

Serigor’s Legacy modernization is a process where the old legacy of a business is updated and optimized to get technically advanced, cut down maintenance costs, adopt modern innovation, ease down any technology limitations and gain a more efficient operational system.

“When a legacy system is running on an outdated platform, it puts the business at data security risk, increases the possibilities of bug attacks and doubles technical expenses.”

A complete application migration solution

Our excellent application migration services include an analysis based process where our experts prepare a checklist to plan the architecture of your legacy application migration, such as:

  • Impact of the current business application on your business
  • The estimated data to be moved
  • Decide on the type of migration needed: full migration or partial migration or phased migration
  • The possible changes in the system post migration
  • Amount of resource needed for a timely and successful migration
  • What are the risk factors involved including chances of data loss
  • Time chart and budget planning

Serigor's systematic & smooth migration approach:

  • Project planning & choosing a strategy
  • Source allocation & setting up a timeline
  • Coordination with business on risk assessment
  • Preparing & developing the new environment
  • Migration of applications, operating systems or database
  • Testing the new environment to ensure functionality and complete data transfer
  • Post Migration assistance on statistics clutter clean-up


If the question is, why does your business need or does it even need Legacy System Modernization services, then Serigor is here to help!

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