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Serigor is a leading recruitment agency in Baltimore Maryland that specializes in providing staffing solutions by matching exceptional technical staff to top corporations and private individuals in the United States. We focus on people, processes, and technology to enhance business productivity by enabling our clients to outsource their staffing requirements and allowing them to focus on operating and growing their core businesses.

staffing solutions

Whether you’re looking for your next Executive Vice President, or need 30 temporary workers, Serigor’s recruitment team is highly equipped and motivated to deliver successful outcomes for clients working in the Information Technology, Government, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Power and Renewable Energy Sectors.

Our strong IT Staffing capability enable us to quickly augment staff for various requirements and skills such as:

  • Project/Program Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Application Development
  • Business Systems Analysis
  • Business Process Re-Engineering

  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Systems Engineering
  • Network Engineering
  • Information Assurance/Security
  • Help Desk/Desktop Support

Here’s how our talent acquisition team  can help ensure you find the right fit for the position as well as a personality fit for your organization as a whole:

WE TAKE THE TIME TO UNDERSTAND YOUR NEEDS AND CULTURE: Our recruiters will speak with your hiring decision-makers about your talent needs, company culture, budget, and long-term goals to ensure we find you the right candidates based on your individual needs as an organization.

EXTENSIVE NETWORK OF CANDIDATES: As a result of our longevity as a firm, we have been able to establish a comprehensive database of industry-specific professionals – particularly passive candidates who might not have applied to the position but are a good fit for the role.

IN-HOUSE CONSULTANTS: If you have a HOT project or require skills for an urgent need, our in-house consultants can augment your staff to get it done quickly.  We pride ourselves on our speed, reliability, and confidentiality of service.

OUR ADVANCED DIGITAL PROPERTIES: Our website is a robust online resource that attracts thousands of candidate applications each month. Our mobile-optimized website is built to adapt to any device, which makes it easier than ever before for job seekers to apply on the go.

SCREENING PROCESS: We’ll evaluate all resumes, weed out unqualified candidates, conduct phone interviews, and invite top candidates into our office for in-person interviews. Our verification process guarantees our clients a thorough examination of a potential employee’s skills and references in order to ensure they meet an organization’s standards of excellence. This way, you only meet with the professionals that we’ve personally screened and have deemed the best fit for the role.

Our Staffing Solutions Services


Selecting business leaders of the future is a privilege and responsibility that we undertake with impartial good judgment and unrivaled capability. Through Search Intelligence, we provide organizations with the tools to identify, attract and develop extraordinary executives.



Finding direct-hire talent for your long-term needs requires different recruiting techniques than traditional temporary and contingent staffing. This is why we have several solutions specifically focused on helping you find the right talent for your organization, whether it’s one person or many.


We utilize our unique range of industry experience and connections to deliver the highest quality, diversified temporary staffing services for clients in the United States. We enable the client to respond to short-term temporary and/or flexible manpower needs with specific skills set requirements or for supplementing the workforce.


Serigor works as a strategic partner to the various levels of government (federal, state, and local), also with many of the top government agencies, consulting firms, and IT firms. Our recruiters connect our clients with a range of talent to fill government and public job requirements, including both agency and contractor positions.



We help our clients to not only find the best talent but also broaden the rich mix and diversity of perspectives within their teams. We know that diverse thinking creates a competitive advantage, enabling businesses to meet the challenges of today’s global marketplace and better prepare for the uncertainties of the unknown future.



We become your recruiting department, investing our time and resources into sourcing and screening the best of the best for our clients, reducing costs through talent pooling and minimal need for direct advertising, which results in reduced time to hire and excellent compliance regulations.



Payroll and tax administration is an important, but time-consuming responsibility. Filing unemployment claims, managing employee issues and maintaining records can be overwhelming. We understand the importance of these functions and offers end-to-end managed services to cover payroll, labor burdens, benefits, and administration.



For your Back Office and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services, we act as your resourcing partner so that you can focus on your core business while relying on us to meet your staffing that is highly cost-efficient and leverages global talent. The resources could be call center services, sales support, help desk support, business process back-office work, etc.

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