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DevOps in the technical world is a synchronized merger or collaboration of two siloed departments – software developers and IT operations. At Serigor, we help businesses with fine and seamless DevOps services with practices that reduce the old school long life cycle of development, while arming it with efficiency and delivery swiftness. We merge the best in Development & IT Operations to offer rapid & reliable delivery.

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Benefits of hiring our DevOps services:

  • Faster project delivery time
  • Flawless team collaboration
  • Commitment to cultural change
  • Customer satisfactory development
  • Quick and early bugs or error detections
  • Merging innovatory minds at one podium
  • Reduced life cycle of a project

Why hire your DevOps team with Serigor?

  • Synchronized Collaboration
  • Functional Automation
  • Efficient Operations

At Serigor, our DevOps engineers and architects are well versed with the challenges these two siloed areas face, when working on a project and thus rely on the most advanced DevOps technologies, tools and approaches to serve your business with robust, rapid and reliable solutions. Our DevOps developers chalk out the process in such a way that the whole product delivery process is automated and integrated, leaving no scope for mismanagement and delay. We, at Serigor, serve both start-ups to Enterprises with quality-driven DevOps developers.

Serigor's DevOps services include dynamic connectivity between development, operations and security. The most flexible DevOps merger means overthrowing traditional roadblocks to achieve speed, success and scale.

DevOps Services at Serigor

DevOps Assessment & Consultation

Assessing the organization infrastructure, understanding the vision, identifying the resources and recommending tools and automation suggestions.

DevOps Collaboration

Planning a collaboration map with an evaluation of existing resources and tools. Bringing in performance coordination and implementing agile and synchronization-based methodologies.

Developing, Testing & Monitoring

Ensuring maximum efficiency with the continuous building to complete testing before product delivery, while ensuring monitoring every step of the pre-design life cycle to address lapses and errors.

DevOps Feedback Optimization

DevOps feedback on the process-product and desired tools & technology adoption. Offering a dashboard with real-time analysis to optimize DevOps performance.

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