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Serigor has been successfully helping businesses seeking remote talent to meet their growing demands. Hiring a remote staffer who can be trained to merge with the ongoing work and company culture to deliver the best is the new world staffing strategy and we know how to do it.

The modern era of Work-From-Home has now given rise to the demand for remote workers or remote temp. These are workers that work from remote areas and can be permanent or temporary. Unlike outsourcing, remote staffing is part of your internal team, working directly with your current team members, and adapting to your company culture.

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Serigor gets you the global talent

We, at Serigor, offer businesses of all sizes and scales with the most flexible and dynamic remote staff hiring solutions. Our recruiting gurus with exclusive expertise in remote staffing have connected workers from all across the globe with a business seeking global talents. Serigor’s remote staffing team assists you to augment your staff while meeting the challenge of hiring quality workers.

To ensure that your remote staffing purpose is met with the right candidate, we get our experts at your disposal from the start. You tell us about your job positions, job descriptions and nature of the job, related salary brackets, duration of the job position, specifications in terms of a candidate, and other key criteria that you seek in your remote staff. Using best-in-market recruiting tools from search engines, social media, networking and best job portals, we scan, screen and select only the best talents to line up for you.

Experience the smartest way of meeting your remote staff from across the world

Remote staffing or remote hiring means recruiting a talent that would join your existing team and resources as an employee, temporary or permanent, work in accordance with your rules, style and protocol while working from a remote location. This kind of staffing helps all sizes of businesses:

• Remote staffing for small & Medium business

Start-ups, and small or medium-scale enterprises can expand their staff without worrying about workstation expansion or related expenses with remote hiring. This form of staffing helps a business plan its direction while getting access to the best and most flexible talent and resources.

• Remote staffing for big enterprises

Business giants or enterprises that have made their mark are too indulging in remote staffing as it lets them add skillful diversity to their team. A remote worker from around the world comes with exciting ideas and inputs to contribute to a company’s augmenting growth scale. Handpicking the best minds out there lets business giants add to their pool of experts.

We find your remote staff in three steps:

  • Understanding your job descriptions
  • Searching & vetting candidates
  • Scheduling interviews

Advantages of remote staffing when it comes to building a team

  • Adds cultural and skill-based diversity
  • Saves you from hiring a recruiting HR
  • Eases the hassle of workspace expansion
  • Low-salaried temporary resources can be added to a project
  • Helps in hiring the best talent from overseas without the trouble of a work VISA
  • Scales the team size for higher productivity without

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