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Contract-to-hire is the modern solution to risk-free staffing as it allows a company to find quality talent, and work with him or her for a predefined period while analyzing his or her capabilities and eligibility to move in with the existing team as a full-time employee. When you opt for this form of staffing, a contract-to-hire staff member only will be working with you on a short-term contract while being employed by us. Based on the job skills and requirements, you can then move your contract-to-hire staff to full-time or direct hire staff.
Serigor has been known to hand-pick the best resumes to give you the most qualified Contract-to-hire candidates, who then serve you on payroll with us.

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Explore the most dynamic contract-to-hire solution with Serigor

  • Experts

    We have a dedicated contract-to-hire staffing team that caters to an employer's exact staffing needs and job descriptions while handling everything from start to end.

  • Saves time

    When our experts are busy planning every single stage of hiring a contract-to-hire worker, from vetting resumes to set up interviews, you can go back to the key task of building your business.

  • Minimizes the risk

    As we find, vet and serve you the most diverse and qualified candidates for building your staff, our contract-to-hire process (from hiring to payroll) lets you try a potential full-term worker with a budget-friendly trial-run.

Guide to Contract-to-hire process

The very reason why many organizations are preferring to try contract-to-hire as a staffing system is the ability to add new team members while enjoying the advantage of testing the worker on short-term. A contract-to-hire with Serigor begins with us understanding your hiring objectives, filling in your job positions, and managing the recruiting formalities from reviewing and scanning resumes to short listing interviewees.
Once hired, the candidate works with you on a short-term contract where he or she is enrolled and employed with us. The worker would deliver best to you while being paid by us. You, as the client, hold the power to continue with the contract-to-hire worker post contract time or end the contract as it reaches its timeline.
One of the biggest benefits of contract-to-hire staffing is when you seek a skillset that is not available in-house, but feel apprehensive about the project’s timeline, job’s nature and affordability of opting for lengthier recruiting and training of a permanent employee.

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