Explaining the benefits of combining Salesforce and AWS

Explaining the benefits of combining Salesforce and AWS

To reach more consumers worldwide, Salesforce and AWS or Amazon Web Services have joined forces. To better streamline and secure data transfer between them, Salesforce and AWS have recently announced new integration capabilities.

One of the biggest advantages of combining the biggest CRM with the most widely preferred cloud platform, you get to unlock deeper levels of services when it comes to storage, computing, networking analytics, artificial intelligence, Machine learning, security, application development, IOT, VR and Ar as well as deployment and management of such services/features.

With AWS or Amazon Web Services providing 175 plus products, features and services, including storage, analytics, databases, networking, and developer tools, to name just a few, this Salesforce and AWS merger gives businesses the opportunity they needed for strategic innovation through secure yet easy integrations.

Experts believe the integration of Salesforce and Amazon Web Services largely relies on network connectivity, integration of services and application integration.

Top advantages to use Salesforce and AWS together

Data Security and scalability top the list of reasons to combine Salesforce and AWS.

Scalability – Because of its scalability, Amazon Web Services is considered quite economical and versatile because you only pay for the resources you use. You can quickly increase or decrease your cloud capacity as your needs and demand change. There is no longer a requirement for businesses to invest significant sums of money in hardware or data centers, which also removes the need to comprehend or estimate any infrastructure needs lowering the cost and capital expenditure.

Data Security – Enhanced data security is one of the key benefits of merging Salesforce and AWS. Users or businesses enjoy a quicker and more reliable recovery from any unwanted and unforeseen disaster using AWS-based recovery solutions. This is an apt feature to stay protected from IT problems like data center outages, server failures, cyberattacks and more. Additionally, since the data is kept in the cloud, it may still be accessible through another device if the device is lost. This cloud data sharing eliminates the risk of losing critical files and data.

The list of merger benefits does not end here, departments from customer support, marketing, and sales to advertising, each benefit with combinations of features, products and services that are designed around CRM and AWS.

Customers can easily provide top-notch customer care thanks to the combination of Salesforce Service Cloud and Amazon Connect, the world’s leading CRM. Since this solution is cloud-based, users can quickly scale and help clients anywhere in the world without dealing with the administrative burden that comes with running contact centers. This fluid merger with Salesforce Service Cloud means the power and ability to create and deliver dynamic and tailored customer support and expericne, by using key information like purchase history, customer behavior and purchase pattern, etc which allows the customer support team, sales team and even marketing team anticipate the needs of the customer and deliver accordingly.

To Conclude – AWS for salesforce means businesses and users get to unlock product features while enjoying the freedom to experiment and innovate. AWS when combined with Salesforce offers the ability to explore the Salesforce application to its core. This partnership means low cost, low risk and impactful and dynamic engagements.