How Virtual Queuing can Transform the Customer Experience in Banking

Virtual Queuing banking

Now, these days’ banks are transforming their service channels to digital in order to serve their clients in a quicker and more secure mode, but during this COVID-19 pandemic, when the service requires visiting their physical branches they face remarkable difficulties. Social distancing norms and branch occupancy needs have made it essential to rid of crowded waiting rooms for the safety of customers and banking staff.

Research has shown that 84% of customers expect brands to find new ways to maximize digital interaction to keep them safe. Financial institutions are swiftly adjusting to the new normal, introducing virtual queuing solutions to continue helping their customers.

What is virtual queuing?

A virtual queue system replaces an actual line by placing customers in an invisible or online queue, also known as a virtual waiting room. By booking appointments remotely where customers can wait outside the banks’ premises, this queue solution ensures customers don’t have to wait for their turn in a crowded waiting area or stand in a long line thus limiting human interaction and abiding by social distancing regulation.

Research has shown that 87% of customers are willing to use queue innovation to minimize waiting time while 67% of customers believe a brand doesn’t care about them when leaving the branch after standing in line for an extended time.

How Virtual Queuing can create a safer customer journey

Reduce customer waiting in overcrowded branches with Mobile Appointments

Customers have the flexibility to arrange appointments in advance through the mobile application. They can wait wherever they want and monitor the virtual queue until it’s their turn. Some smart banks can keep up social distancing by managing the number of appointments per counter. By controlling each branch’s ability, banks offer their customers a more secure option in contrast to actual lines.

SMS Notifications for a consistent and safe customer journey

There is no need for customers to come to your bank early. By the only SMS, they will receive an update when their turn comes. They will have the privilege to wait safely outside the branch or inside their vehicles or in any other safe location.

QR Code for a touch-free queuing experience

Walk-in customers can meet the virtual queue without contacting any possibly contaminated surfaces, by scanning a QR code with their mobile phones – which can be put either outside your bank or on a token kiosk. As a result, customers can relax by knowing their safety is the main priority.

Gain valuable experiences without exposing customers to any health dangers with Mobile Feedback

Engage your customers by giving them the opportunity to leave service feedback via a mobile application. Customers can rate their service experience without the need to touch feedback devices that can pose a health threat while your brand acquires valuable insights that will help improve the customer experience and create a stronger brand image.