How 24*7 service model using Global Delivery creates competitive advantage

global delivery model

The organizations around the world look forward to enhancing their ROI by getting maximum attention from the target audience. Global Delivery Model is one such revolutionary concept in the modern business era that calls for the rapid globalization of business organizations out there through the delivery of globalized business solutions. To top it all, when the innovative Global Delivery Model is coupled with 24/7 service model, it can help businesses in gaining a competitive advantage in many ways. Let us see how.

In the past few decades, organizations around the world have been continuously improving the respective IT services to gain a global reputation. With the ever-rising business needs, organizations might sometimes require the assistance of an IT consulting firm or a business partner who is readily available with the right business skills as well as relevant expertise to fulfill the respective needs. The right fit for such a requirement is the Global Delivery Model or approach –aimed at providing a flexible option of having both offshore as well as onshore resources for meeting the specific business requirements.

Understanding the Global Delivery Model (GDM)

The term GDM –Global Delivery Model is usually associated with organizations involved in the IT industry including consulting and business services that make use of the execution of a technology project by employing a team that is available across the globe. The popularity of GDM has emerged as a major path in the respective IT industry that has given birth to global outsourcing. Global outsourcing is lately accepted by a myriad of organizations around the world with the main objective of reducing the overall investment. This, in turn, helps in generating more income for the companies. At the same time, the operational group associated with the company is responsible for improving the overall performance along with bringing quality services and work to the client. GDM model is regarded quite successful in achieving the respective business goals while offering additional benefits of lowered business risks as well as improved productivity.

What is the 24/7 Global Delivery Model?

The global delivery model is defined as the method of executing respective IT projects in an organization by making use of multiple resources that are located remotely at various locations across the world. The theory of 24/7 service model coupling with the leading global delivery model aims at ensuring seamless operations taking place in an IT organization round-the-clock for enhanced productivity.

The global delivery model is concerned with analyzing or gathering relevant customer requirements at the respective client site during the execution of the project. The execution is carried out by the technical IT teams that are located at some remote location and available 24/7 –whether onshore or offshore. In a typical global delivery model, the tasks of an organization are divided amongst different operational teams. Moreover, these tasks are controlled by well-distributed teams of project management. The given model can also be used for delivering a customized business project on the basis of the unique requirements of the clients.

Types of Global Delivery Models

When the Global Delivery Model is considered in terms of the 24/7 service model, it can be categorized into different types. Some of the common types of global delivery models are:

  • Offshore Delivery Model: In this model, all the tasks related to a particular IT project –right from the start to its completion, tend to get accomplished at one or multiple offshore sites with the help of an experienced outsourcing resource team. The offshore delivery model is usually recommended for the organizations that are looking forward to reducing the overall investments in recruiting or setting up an in-house IT team for carrying out the respective tasks. For enhanced results, it is advised that both delivery managers, as well as project managers, should be assigned individually at both the offshore as well as at the client site for ensuring better control & manageability of the project.
  • Onsite Delivery Model: In this delivery model, experienced IT consultants are deployed at the respective client site. The consultants are responsible for working from the point of initial consultation to the completion of the project. In such a model, the representatives are required to go through face-to-face interaction with the client along with obtaining a proper understanding of the specific requirements & policies of the clients. In a typical onsite delivery model, there is no communication gap –enabling better control as well as management of the project.
  • Offsite or Near-shore Delivery Model: In such a model, the IT consultants are required to work in a remote manner. However, at the same time, they tend to reside in the same country or city as that of the given client. There can be the presence of more than one onshore site for working. It might also be possible that IT consultants are expected to work at the client site while others might work from some remote location on the given project. The given delivery model is regarded as the combination of both offshore as well as onshore (onsite) models.

In addition to the delivery models mentioned above, there is a hybrid delivery model as well. It combines the essential working elements of onsite, offsite, and near-shore delivery models for providing the overall cost-effectiveness of the given project. It also provides relevant fact-to-face client communication for minimizing communication gaps while ensuring the overall success of your project. Some delivery models also deploy the essentials of 24/7 service model for delivering round-the-clock assistance on a particular project.

And the benefits are endless…

There are several benefits of 24/7 service model when combined with the global-level GDM. In addition to providing 24/7 resource availability, it helps in minimizing the overall investment costs. The organizations across the world can look forward to adapting the multicultural working environment to ensure the overall success of multiple IT projects. As the benefits of GDM turn out significant in terms of the overall ROI for organizations, it is high time that businesses all around should consider adopting the same.

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