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Managing Salesforce with easy & economical staffing

At Serigor, we help you with cost-effective Salesforce staff augmentation to meet the exclusive set of resources. With the right and most niche staff augmentation, your existing team gets to expand and is offloaded with additional responsibilities that can now be met with a new Salesforce specialized staff.

At Serigor, we deal with the most technical and skillful staffing solutions to help a firm meet the sudden need for an additional team while not worrying about the end of the project or the shift in the risen need for new hiring.

Choose Serigor for your Salesforce Staffing

Serigor’s pool of Salesforce-capable resources comes at the most acceptable package. Our staff augmentation experts understand the importance of finding budget-based solutions to resource constraints for a short or limited period, without adjusting with quality and skills.

Using our connects and valuable presence across various working sectors, industries and geographies, Serigor is the most apt Salesforce solution with its capability to deliver Salesforce services and staffing as per your business.

Whether you need an industry engineer or a salesforce architecture expert or a resource with the ability to handle multiple facets, we have got you.

Here is how Serigor helps you with quality Salesforce staffing:

  • Staffing local or offshore teams for short-term or contractual timeline.
  • Bringing a pool of candidates with the most in-depth knowledge of Salesforce.
  • Offering regulated third-party expertise for many functions with one resource.
  • Project or timeline-focused hiring of skills.
  • Identifying resource needs, areas and expertise while matching ROI targets and investment limits.

Expand with Short-term Salesforce Staff Augmentation

Shorter-term staffing has the capacity to help a business by flexing up team capacity as and when needed, with quality performance. The whole purpose of staff augmentation locally or offshore is to meet the following 3 crucial requirements:

  • Urgent replacement or addition of a resource
  • Hiring for a particular period or project with a fixed end date
  • Cutting down expenses with economical specific staffing

Often companies struggle in maintaining the space for a full-time employee hired for a project that has completed its cycle. This is where a contractual or short-term hiring works, by offering flexibility to end the contract. The most underrated advantage of shorter staff augmentation is the ability to extend the contracts of an employee with the skills and knowledge that can be a valuable asset to the process and the company.