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Salesforce, security and Serigor

With years of experience in consulting and tech services, Serigor has earned the spot of being a trusted and expert platform to offer consultation and guidance in the matter of compliance and security.

Security, as Serigor believes, is one of the most crucial aspects when dealing with any digital transformation-powered area, ranging from AI to Salesforce and more. A CRM as powerful as Salesforce comes with challenges and compliance requirements that need the most expert attention and dealing, which is where Serigor works with you at every step of it.

Remote work and hybrid work formats have changed the way companies and employees coordinate, from day-to-day communication to the sharing of data and files. Moving work files or accessing sensitive data, around different IP addresses, needs a business to be extra vigilant, especially when a worker switches from an office environment to home to another workspace.

Salesforce security services are all about laying stringent rules for accessing or sharing data.

How do you secure your business when dealing with a Salesforce-powered application or system? Serigor is here for your team to deal with any threats or risk elements when exploring Salesforce and its business-boosting prospects.

How Serigor implements Salesforce security?

Robust and most effective security operations largely consist of a strategy that then needs timely implementation to make your Salesforce functionality and data breach-proof.

Compliance, security and regulatory policies are key areas Serigor holds expertise in. Our salesforce consultation team is well equipped with such matters and the right course of action to match your business.

What do we do?

Analysis and Audit

Security consulting

Our experts work by enhancing your Salesforce experience with the right strategy and system in place to prioritize security and compliance area. From encryption to monitoring, Serigor has a plan for everything.

Architecture Prototyping and UX/UI Design

Identifying threat

We know that identifying suspicious activities or risky anomalies requires a basic process. We help you identify and monitor any threatening activity in your Salesforce structure.

Analysis and Audit

Data safety

A stringent security system set up for data protection is possibly the best way to keep your data protected from any breach or corruption.

Architecture Prototyping and UX/UI Design

System updates

Serigor understands that when salesforce and other apps or systems in sync with its environment are kept up-to-date, the security system automatically becomes strong for the infrastructure.

Analysis and Audit

Authentication proofing

With strong two-factor authentication and password protections that are regularly updated, salesforce system including all the apps becomes threat-proof.

Architecture Prototyping and UX/UI Design

Salesforce security implementation

When our Salesforce experts work towards implementing your Salesforce goals, including a robust security system, we develop a plan that fits the custom salesforce service you seek while offering the simplest updates to handling more complex risky areas.