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Customizing Salesforce is adding power to the service

The effectiveness of any system depends on how perfectly it fits the business. To jump into any salesforce service would suffice the need of the technology but won’t offer the desired result, which is why Serigor offers your company a solution tailored to your environment and vision.

A regular design is always available but still, you will find a team or a designer that would just create that out of the box, a more fitting UX/UI to turn the final product more functional. This is what Salesforce customization is about. We, at Serigoor, believe a technology as extraordinary as Salesforce shouldn’t be dealt casually but smartly.

Serigor understands every business or company has its dynamics, challenges, system and expectation when opting for a technical tool or software, thus our experts work with your team side by side to deliver customized Salesforce that solves all critical components for your digital transformation from smooth data management, charted workflow to custom fields and objects.

Why do you need Salesforce Customization?

At Serigor, digital transformation is all about streamlining a system that deals with the loop ends, the process casualty and the undesired factors. To climb a digitalization-powered success graph, you need shoes that fit your size.
Ask us to-

  1. Create and develop a custom Salesforce for easy & effective integrations
  2. Configure a unique Salesforce system
  3. Execute AppExchange solution with exclusive pre-built features
  4. Bring defined and resolution-based functionality to your compound business model

Top 3 reasons to ask for Salesforce Customization

Analysis and Audit

Increased ROI

A custom inbuilt solution that offers relevant, valuable and real-time data matching your business investment and system means, you get to plan your future strategies and stake.

Architecture Prototyping and UX/UI Design

Enhanced system productivity

With a Salesforce system that gets you closer to your customer and understanding their habits, expectations and experience, you automatically own a productive system that allows you to customize your user-based deliveries.

Analysis and Audit

Scaling Revenue

Salesforce is clearly the tool to acquire customers and leads and close bigger deals, but a custom salesforce solution designed to meet your process and dynamics ensures a revenue-driven outcome by tailoring everything from integration, and functionality to customer interactions