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Salesforce development, implementation to delivery

Salesforce has become one of the leading platforms to change the business to customer relationships and experience. Salesforce development services don’t just offer Salesforce solutions and software implementation; it helps you adopt a customized functionality that enriches delivery and profit.

Salesforce by definition is a powerful platform that enables a business to adopt CRM-driven leads and expansion in the industry. At Serigor, we believe that a decision to opt for Salesforce services is just the beginning of a battle to beat the competition. This is where Serigor comes in with custom coding and the finest Salesforce development services; we help you figure out everything from configurations and complications to legacy data systems and more.

We are made of a bunch of Salesforce experts, development professionals and years of experience in strategic consulting, planning, integration, implementation, deployment and delivery of business-changing and success-driven services.

Why choose Serigor’s Salesforce Development services?

Serigor with its years of expertise and experience, in technical services and strategic consulting, has the most efficient and organized set of professionals to help your business understand and embed everything-Salesforce. Serigor understands innovation and change can be overwhelming and sound too much complex, and it is our job to handle that for you while delivering a profitable and growing system that expands your reach in the industry.

Here is how Serigor helps you with its dynamic and synchronized Salesforce development services:

Analysis and Audit

Salesforce implementation

Choose from traditional to customized Salesforce implementation, along with Marketing Automation, and Lightning Migration to Sales and Service cloud.

Architecture Prototyping and UX/UI Design

Salesforce integration

Successful salesforce integration means a well-streamlined process and 360-degree view of your system. Serigor knows how to do that for you.

Analysis and Audit

Salesforce customization

Building a Salesforce is all about figuring out what suits and fits your business better. We work with you at every step of it from, customizing fields, and objects to tailoring data management and workflow to meet your business type and goals.

Architecture Prototyping and UX/UI Design

Salesforce app development

Our Salesforce professionals know how to develop and deliver a tailored white-label software system such as AppExchange apps. Future-proof your business with Salesforce app development.

Analysis and Audit

Mobile app development

Serigor helps you with a custom salesforce with an organized Mobile app development to manage the process. You can’t grow without the right tools and that’s where we help.

Architecture Prototyping and UX/UI Design

Salesforce migration

Serigor works by synching up your business objectives with the growth vision and advantages of migration. We help your team in migrating your data to your new system accurately and with no interruptions.