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Manage your Salesforce from A to Z

Salesforce offers a plateful of advantages and features, which also need an equal amount of attention and upkeep to ensure your business and your Salesforce evolves hand-in-hand. At Serigor, we let you enjoy flexible and economical management of your Salesforce and its features in correspondence to the market and technical evolvement.

Salesforce Managed Services from Serigor allows you to ensure your Salesforce is updated, maintained, and upkept on a daily basis so it keeps delivering to its optimal capability. Our Salesforce management platform is a cost-effective means of keeping your salesforce going hurdle-free without the overload of hiring full-time resources.

We jump in for overhauling and sustaining your Salesforce with the right skills, tools and development strategy. From setting up Salesforce, and optimizing the existing one to offering lengthy data, integration to support and operation assistance, Serigor manages your Salesforce from top to bottom.

Our COE or Center of Excellence is powered by experts who know exactly how IT strategy and structure work together to achieve targets and goals while maintaining KPIs. As your Salesforce managing partner, Serigor also offers equal presence when it comes to planning and prioritizing goals, reviewing KPIs and tracking and attaining market trends.

Our development operations team is a key part of our Salesforce Managed Services, as we help you draw a road, plan a drive and attain that journey of success.

Serigor’s Salesforce Managed Services Include

Analysis and Audit

Strategic Roadmapping

We hold expertise in helping you with a blueprint of your Salesforce goals. We review, we build and we add value to your Salesforce. Serigor’s Salesforce experts help you with strategic planning.

Architecture Prototyping and UX/UI Design

Optimization & Enhancements

Evolution in Salesforce is constant and we help you stick to it by merging your old or existing Salesforce with new features, updates and functionality. At Serigor, we not only ensure regular optimization but offer enhancements by overseeing backlogs, delivery hurdles, and well-oiling a non-stop and impeccable delivery.

Analysis and Audit

Data Management

Documenting data, reviewing storage, backing up, and integrations are crucial factors that power salesforce. we take care of your documentation, validation, and backup and help you with the integration and adoption of the backup policies to support your business and your salesforce functionality.

Architecture Prototyping and UX/UI Design

Updates & Support

With industry specialist-powered support, your Salesforce is always updated and synchronized in real time. Integration-ready support offers troubleshooting, monitoring and custom API implementation and integration. Our experts are industry specialists offering you and your admin the best tech support there is.

Analysis and Audit

Lighting Migration

Lightning migration can sound challenging and stressful but Serigor is here for you. We work with you on every step to manage migration at a more comfortable pace. Transforming into the modern concept of Salesforce holds a huge impact and we help you run it with care and precision.

Architecture Prototyping and UX/UI Design

Marketing Automation

Serigor’s highly skillful marketing automation team will work with you all the time offering enormous benefits of Marketing cloud and Pardot. We help you tackle marketing automation challenges and goals while building the right plan of action for you and your customers.

Analysis and Audit

Analytics & Dashboards

Full access to a custom dashboard that is designed to deliver reports and metrics that are crucial to your business is how your Salesforce delivers data-driven results. We ensure you are always one step ahead with your reports and analytics while building your highway to growth.