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Explore the powerhouse of a managed data with Serigor

Salesforce is all about data, but a lot of companies struggle with proper data management. Handling acquired data and making data-driven decisions play a key role in getting the best out of Salesforce when customer satisfaction, higher sales and marketing are your vision.

Serigor holds top-shelf expertise in data management, to offer uncluttered and impactful data handling.

Data-driven sales and marketing solutions is the new black, so it is believed in the tech world. The digital transformation itself is powered by data and the structural path laid by it.

Data Management Services from Serigor

  • Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing is probably one of the most important aspects of data maintenance. Handling a huge influx of incoming data, and putting them in silos to offer easy monitoring, usage as well as cleanup of invalid data, is where Serigor helps you and your team. We ensure you do not struggle with outdated, wrong, misleading, missing and duplicated data.

  • Data Integration and Migration

Data Integration and migration need the most expert hands on deck. The nature of data and the challenges involved in its secure migration can be overwhelming. Serigor’s data architects are well aware of all potholes and solutions there are to deliver the most effortless data integration and migration while your team continues working with the data in hand.

  • Data Security

Data Security cannot be taken lightly especially when an organization’s customer dealing and internal structure sits on top of it. Data management is also data monitoring. We monitor the efficiency, quality and threat surrounding your data to ensure there is no corruption, deletion and poaching.

  • Data Defining

Source of truth or data defining helps you understand the performance of your salesforce data. A dynamic dashboard from Serigor will help you know your data, its quality, accuracy, fitness, its effect and how every other information you need on your salesforce data.

How does Serigor’s Data management consultation work?

Often the most basic errors made when managing data are about:

  • Cleaning up of acquired data
  • Handling outdated or duplicate data
  • Controlling the data flow
  • Data integration and Migration
  • Streamlining the overload of incoming data

Understanding your Salesforce vision

Serigor starts by understanding and exploring deep in your salesforce vision, business goals, system structure and what is your expectation from acquiring the incoming data. Our data management consultation consists of data architects who introduce you to the importance of data management and how it can trigger a domino of rise growth line, customer influx and huge ROIs.

Analyzing your data structure

In order to enhance your data quality and impact, we work by going to the root. Our data experts believe in analyzing the accuracy, quality and accessibility of your salesforce data. We plan assistance and a road map only after we are done scanning the quality and integrity of the data you depend on.

Roadmapping result-oriented data management

Serigor’s salesforce consultation is all about preparing a blueprint of possible strategies and data management services, to begin with, a full-proof roadmap of all the hurdles, challenges, struggles and possible ways to manage as well as contain data-related issues. Our data maintenance starts with a plan and presenting you with the steps to execute effective data management and monitoring.

Talk to our data experts to get professional data management!