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A journey from Classic to Lightning in Salesforce adaptation is often considered challenging and tricky, but not for Serigor. We don’t consider the shift to lightning a complex move; we see it as a process that just needs the right people, the right approach and the right implementation.

If you are running a Salesforce system that remains on the classic portal, and you now see Lightning as your next step, let Serigor guide you with the path forward. Our salesforce consultation service focuses on every aspect of it including the Lightning migration, a move every business is opting for with Salesforce deeming it as the evolution and future of its functioning.

Is Lightning Migration the right choice for your business?

Truth is, knowing the existence of a new high-end feature is just the tip of things. A single question can trigger a dominoes of doubts, such as what it would do for your business, how challenging would it be? Would it impact your infrastructure? Do you really need it? Why not stick to the good old classic Salesforce system and operations? Will lightning work for your business? How would the existing team fit into the migration?

Serigor Salesforce Lightning consultation begins by uncoiling your thoughts and doubts by introducing you, to what Lightning Migration is and how the move would work.

We begin Salesforce Lightning Migration consulting by:

  • Guiding you about the benefits
  • Explaining the process and steps
  • Planning a roadmap for your Salesforce Migration
  • Analyzing the transition step by step
  • Managing the system and process and operational changes and deviations
  • Implementing the migration as per the strategy and custom requirements

In a nutshell, Serigor Salesforce experts start by dealing with all ‘Whys’, ‘Hows’ and ‘Whens’, before tailoring a plan to deliver the most flawless Classic to Lightning migration. We are the people who have answers to all your questions. Ask away!

Reasons to choose Salesforce Lightning Migration with us

When handled well, Lightning migration can do wonders for your business, such as:

  • 30% enhancement in productivity
  • Application development with double pace
  • Huge improvements in ROI
  • Making the interface more highly user-friendly and engaging
  • More effective dashboards and reports with interactive features
  • AI-powered predictive behavior for increasing sales, production, services and marketing
  • Better customizations and more contemporary UI

At Serigor, we do the most crucial part of delivering Salesforce Lightning migration while aligning your business, its vision and existing tools with the process to ensure a smooth transition from classic to lightning. Our lightning consultation and workshops are designed to help you understand the engagement power of the Lightning platform and the steps involved in it, along with the role of your existing team, infrastructure, tools and applications in hand.

We don’t just begin with a consultation and a plan of action; we begin by understanding you, your team, your infrastructure and your Salesforce goals. Serigor Salesforce consultants work with you and your team. We hear the minds of your organization and explain and educate them on the advantages and features of the Lightning platform, how they would fit in and what it would do to productivity and functionality.

Analysis and Audit

Strategizing migration

By running an assessment of your existing salesforce configuration and features, we will create a report to help you understand how the transition would impact and what would be the roadmap. Our lightning migration strategy would rely on thorough analyses, evaluation, hardware and software review, integration review, readiness review of the app, and evaluation of technical change management.

Architecture Prototyping and UX/UI Design

Identifying the goal

While the basic goal of any lightning transition is improved Salesforce functionality to offer better ROIs, enhanced productivity and improve sales and marketing, we also believe that every company has its own reasons to jump from classic to lightning. Serigor believes in identifying your goals, reasons and how you measure your end-game with this move, to provide an exclusive and tailored roadmap and implementation of Lightning migration while addressing your vision and apprehensions.

Architecture Prototyping and UX/UI Design

Evaluating Salesforce Classic

Having a Salesforce and then opting for an upgrade doesn’t have to mean the Classic version is wrong, slow, or ineffective. On the contrary, Classic Salesforce and its effectiveness is the exact reason experts suggest moving to Lightning to adopt all the new features and changes for a better result. Thus, Serigor begins by understanding the functionality and the status of your Classic Salesforce and evaluating its readiness for the move. Transition is a critical process and any plan when create needs the basic evaluation of the original structure.

Analysis and Audit

Change Management

One of the significant impacts of Salesforce Lightning migration is the changes it leaves behind to the business process, structural system, and operations while affecting internal and external systems including customers, teams and partners. Serigor is well equipped with this action of Lightning migration which is why our consulting experts are ready to address and deal with any change management. In fact, change management is often one of the main components we consider and plan for when chalking your lightning move and its implementation. We give you proactive change management services to deal with any unwanted outcome and impact of Lightning migration.