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Effective Temp To Hire Services

Let candidates prove themselves on the job. Try the candidate of your choice at your company while he/she remains on our payroll. Take the time to evaluate our temporary employee’s knowledge, skills, and abilities before making your final hiring decision.

Temp to Hire is an excellent solution for employers who need to fill a position but aren’t yet sure how long that need will last. For companies who prefer the “trial run” method of hiring, temp-to-hire services are a great option, allowing for minimal paperwork and investment. We provide temp-to-hire candidates for both full and part-time positions for employers in the United States.

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The benefits of a Temp-to-Hire setup include a mix of reduced costs and decreased risk:

Reduced Recruiting Time — we find the candidates for you (and probably already have someone who fits your need).

Reduced Interview Time — once you meet the candidates, you can tell us who to hire or reject, and we will take care of the details and contacting each candidate for you.

On the Job Evaluation — evaluate the employee’s skills and abilities on the job without being committed long-term

Evaluate Your Long-Term Staff Needs — a Temp-to-Hire allows you to meet your current worker needs while carefully assessing your permanent recruitment needs.

Minimal Legal Exposure — you can end the assignment at any time. Because the person remains an employee of SERIGOR, you are not responsible for certain costs such as Unemployment taxes.

Minimal Paperwork — the Temp-to-Hire setup means owners and managers have very little paperwork to track and file (and no employee taxes to deal with and file). This is especially convenient for small businesses with no one to handle “HR” issues.

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