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One of the most crucial departments for a company is Human Resources, thus investing in the HR program and HR management strategy is vital for the growth graph of the company. Having access to the most efficient, guided and range of HR services means easy and risk-free administrative decisions and functionality.

Serigor’s People Advisory Services gives you just that, the most apt, variety loaded and organizational HR services to meet the need of your company goals, ideas and internal dynamics.

PAS or People Advisory Services at Serigor means strategizing HR-powered areas to deliver improved individual performances, and better organizational structure, simplifying the complexities of the administration and creating a fruitful environment by destressing the un-strategic pressure.

At Serigor, we are positioned strategically to offer guidance to industry leaders as they deal with growing challenges, a constantly changing workforce, and a changing business environment. We foster purpose whether your goal is to develop and implement large-scale change initiatives, organizational design, or simply restructuring HR organizations.

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How do we come into the picture?

Serigor’s experts and resources offer people advisory works in various scenarios, such as:

  • When the business practices need a check
  • When productivity needs a check
  • When the HR department could use extra support
  • When you are questioning market pace vs your business
  • When the internal leadership needs honing

We, at Serigor, believe a good People’s Advisory service plays a vital role in improving an organization’s alignment with its value, goals and workforce.

People’s Advisory areas we can help with

  • Developing an organizational chart

    With a well-crafted organization chart illustrating the company's chain of command and the hierarchical status of individuals, an organization benefits in various ways. A graphical view of an organization's internal structure pumps the leadership to grow, eases the communication among departments, and explains the employee roles and relationships according to the structured tree of peers and managers.

  • Employee benefits & pensions

    When an organization has mastered its pension policies and other employee benefits, recruiting becomes easier, trust in the company increases as well the relationship between the existing team and the management strengthens. We offer the most pragmatic solution to achieve a better understanding of employee benefit and help you make the right-policy-based choices.

  • Employee engagement and satisfaction

    When an employee is satisfied, he or she engages with the agility and passion that offers a connection-based advantage. Any employee who feels the organization is working for the good of the team would automatically offer more than 100%. We help you build that satisfactory organizational culture to enhance employee engagement and maximized productivity.

  • HR department policies and process

    We assist you in developing and implementing the right framework for the HR department with policies that support both the company and the employee. Our work is not just limited to framing HR policies, but also following procedures to implement the same while following international standards.

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