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Why Outsource with Serigor?

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Serigor gets the job done because it understands the assignment and one of the most critical and crucial parts of any project is the resource talent and the costing, this is where Serigor opens the door to outsourcing the work to present its clients with the most advanced yet concept driven results and services. The ODC or Offshore Development Center maintained by Serigor in India is designed to add value and cost-effectiveness to the services being delivered to clientele across the world. Consider Serigor’s ODC as an extension of multitalented experts with skill sets that meet the exclusiveness of any project with explicit goals and targets defined by the client and Serigor’s bests.

Serigor does everything from collecting the best talents to assigning clients with the most skillful resources. We, at Serigor, add solutions to your business needs by offering the best in the market offshore team that is known for its disciplined and client-oriented work ethics. Our ODC involves professionals that are trained, managed, supervised and kept in the loop with all the latest trends and tools of the modern business world.

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How Serigor handles Outsource?

  • Discipline
  • Constant supervision
  • Experts only

How Outsource with Serigor benefit?

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Quality growth
  • Low Investment

Add the right talent to the project by outsourcing to India

Low Investment & reduced costs
Outsourcing allows a client to get the best services without dealing with any major capital investment as well as proceeding with variable costs instead of fixed costs.
Value added & business focused
With an efficient outsourcing team, you can get the best in industry solutions as the team enjoys the opportunity to risk reduced delivery. And, your key team gets time and flexibility to move to other core tasks with the assurance of non-core tasks are being handled efficiently at a low cost.
Quality with quantity
With regular and ongoing skill training and updates on modern tools, offshore partners are now delivering quality rich productivity. Right outsourcing company means finding economical solutions with higher quality standards and increased productivity.
Widest pool of experts
Offshore partners with experience in outsourcing resources bring the best of talents and experts, innovators and creators to help you deal with your business challenges via new conceptualized and innovation-based ideas and skill sets.
Operational & technical flexibility
Outsourcing adds agility to a business by offering flexibility in resource allocation. By outsourcing certain tasks to an offshore company, you get to distribute your in-house talent to work on market demands, innovation research and handle increasing workflow.
Business Focused solutions
Knowing that there are offshore companies with experts in all IT areas with ability to scale and deliver higher productivity at the best costs, allows you to find your business model-focused solutions to achieve the work objectives.

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