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Serigor Inc is a prominent government staffing agency and works as a strategic partner to the different levels of US government (federal, state, and local), as well as many of the market’s top government consulting firms, contractors, and IT systems companies. We support the recruitment requirement of federal, state and city government agencies, and other key and primary government contractors.

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Serigor provides focused capabilities in contracts, security, compliance, business development, program management, and finance offices to make sure all Government and prime alliance contracts are managed effectively and efficiently from start to finish. We realize the uniqueness that comes with supporting our government clients. We try to maintain an experienced workforce with the knowledge and skills of various Government systems.

Serigor has an extensive history of providing professional, IT, administrative and creative talent in support of government programs. We have strong experience in staffing a diverse range of programs including those for Cyber Security, Data Management, Data Architect, Acquisition Support, IT/Technical Support, Administrative Support, and Human Resources. Our government staffing experts are specialized in contracting regulations and protocols, and deliver high-level talent for requirements, with special priority supporting DoD, DHS, DoJ, IC, and Civilian programs and projects.

We have the capability and global reach to source high-level candidates in the United States at advantaged pricing, through selective and targeted recruiting, networking, database searching, and promoting.

Serigor dynamically tests, screens, and hires applicants to ensure that only qualified candidates are provided to our government clients. Our staffing operations are supported by a strong back office of dedicated support staff who are focused on providing timely and accurate payment and invoicing managing information flow and regulating compliance on all projects.

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Our expert recruiters have great experience and information when it comes to successfully navigating the complicated challenges of the government contracting marketplace. We use our expertise to your advantage to ensure you get quick results and accurate placements. Our team is here to build lasting business connections and to always find a resolution to your present situation.

Get in touch to learn how we can provide personalized government staffing solutions for your organization.

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