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Creating impactful industry-specific custom software for the leading enterprises

Serigor is a custom software development company in Baltimore Maryland with an impressive track record of helping organizations of all sizes to achieve their goals using well-tested, exceptional technology solutions. We are well-versed in using a variety of off-the-shelf tools and systems to create websites, web applications, CRMs, and online shops, we excel at saving companies time by building bespoke, purpose-driven software solutions using Agile methodology.

Developing a customized software enables the natural growth of your business to determine how your production and marketing activities should be conducted. Whereas, off-the-shelf systems can restrict the natural progress of your business due to unwanted features and unfriendly options.

Custom Software Development Company

List of Custom Software Development Services

At Serigor, our team brings on proven strategies and methods with our top-notch custom software development services like:

  1. Cross-Platform Application Development
  2. Web Application Development
  3. Mobile Application Development
  4. Content Management Systems Development
  5. Portal Development

Our goal is to design develop all custom enterprise applications which automate complex organizational processes that give quick results.

Our Custom Software Development Capabilities:

1. For Enterprise Software | Big Data | Data Analytics | Cloud Computing | Database

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Openstack, Kubernetes, Mesosphere, Docker, Hadoop, Cassandra, Java, C++, C sharp, Spring, Microsoft ASP.NET, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server

2. For Web Application Development

Symfony, PHP, AngularJS, React, JavaScript, NodeJS, jQuery

3. For IoT Development

AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

4. For Mobile Application Development

iOS, Android, HTML5, JavaScript, React

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