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Agile Business Consulting Services

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We help your organization to achieve the highest level of business agility

Serigor’s agile consultancy is designed to provide a wide range of agile business consulting services in Maryland United State to our clients that would help them increase agility in their organizations by following agile standards, help ensure end-user satisfaction, and upgrade and speed up the ROIs on using processes within the company.

Agile Business Consulting Services

Being an Agile development company we help our clients to develop the agile capabilities and consolidate the frameworks, notions, and understanding between their staff, its process, and operations to deliver the best. We are the best company for hiring agile consulting services in United States.

List of Agile Consulting Services

  • Conduct Agile maturity evaluations
  • Provide Agile consulting
  • Conduct programs and project risk evaluations
  • Assess maturity of existing Software Development Life Cycle and Agile methodologies
  • Develop controls frameworks necessary for the success of Agile projects
  • XP implementation
  • Safe implementation
  • Best-fit process framework
  • Agile Training and Support
  • Assess the control mechanisms
  • Help control functions to better enable Agile teams
  • Provide foundational and in-depth Agile training and ongoing coaching
  • SCRUM implementation

Potential Benefits of Agile Business Consulting Services

  • Develop an agile change roadmap
  • Facilitating metrics to measure the effectiveness of agile performance.
  • Follow your time with project trackers in various tools.
  • Build up agile awareness and implement outside of the software developer team.
  • Bring best practices from our previous experience to increase the efficiency and quality of the project.

  • Setup project in agile Scrum / XP / Kanban
  • Study how various companies are measuring the benefit of agile implementation.
  • Facilitating various agile profiling processes within the project.
  • Learn to create project plans, meeting notes, product requirements in related tools.
  • Use different models to measure the progress of the project in an agile environment.

Why Serigor for Agile Services?

  • Serigor Inc in the United States goes through the principles of synchronizing business with technology teams in a distributed setup, lean and agile, bringing agility to teams incorporating people and culture dimensions and different ways of going about it.
  • We have developed our agile change model, focusing on both quantitative (covering matrix and KPI search) and qualitative aspects (covering change management) and supporting customers from ideology to implementation through existing ways of working.
  • We have a solid team of certified and experienced professionals in skills and capabilities for agile management. We have managed projects for governments, big corporations, and geographically comprehensive enterprises.
  • Our agile consulting team will also bring their thought leadership to the table to give a comprehensive view of agile engineering.
  • We benchmark performance and service request resolution times according to industry standards.

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