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Serigor handles direct staffing service with the expertise of analyzing an organization’s needs and the job position. Direct hire or direct hire staffing is the perfect solution for businesses where HR functioning is limited or small scale. Hiring a candidate for a permanent or a longer term comes with challenges of reaching out to the right candidate and ensuring the chosen candidate is qualified, and fits the specifics of the job perfectly.
Unlike temporary staff, a direct hire worker becomes an integral part of the organization, takes on the seat as one of the core employees and delivers quality and efficient services to its position. Serigor understands that despite direct hiring being a lengthy process with its thorough vetting of candidates, it is a direct solution to adding quality to the in-house team in any organization when you seek a permanent staff member.

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Efficient direct staffing with Serigor

At Serigor, we have been delivering top-shelf talent to companies meeting their work challenges, economy bracket and need for finding a replacement for their best employees. Not only does Serigor’s recruitment team ensures your direct hire needs are met with excellent staffing services but also addresses factors like diversity and cultural sensitivity to make your staff stronger, vibrant and productive.
Filling long-term job positions needs extra care as every candidate is a potential employee who would be committing to and indulging herself/himself in a long-term corporate relationship with the firm that would depend on her/his diligence, loyalty and skillset for moving up in the competitive world.

Serigor gets the right person for you

Enlisting the most efficient and most suited employee through direct hire needs the right approach from spreading the word, creating the most enticing job descriptions, screening mount of resumes and setting up interviews of the most matched candidates.
We listen
Serigor begins by listening, analyzing and delivering the best employment solution. We begin by hearing what are your job requirements and related specifics.
We plan
Knowing your company culture and job descriptions helps us plan the search for the best candidates and resumes to match the nature of the job.
We Interview
Vetting a candidate by reviewing the resumes to pre-screening her or him with a telephonic round and aptitude test. We line up only the best for you.
We crosscheck
Once you are happy with a candidate, we save you time by checking references, employment verification and background checks.

Direct Hire Benefits

  • Helps you maintain the peaking performance of a team by adding the most suitable resource
  • Direct hire gets the most committed talent that is worth the investment of time and money
  • Permanent positions don’t just need quality workers but also staff members who deliver stability
  • Serigor handles A to Z process of searching, analyzing and finalizing the candidate saving you from staff-building challenges
  • Direct hire allows the scope of predefining parameters for hiring the right candidate from salaries, skills, and experiences to other must-haves

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