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Home Response to COVID-19

Ensuring employee wellbeing & business continuity during the COVID-19 emergency

The coronavirus has overturned enterprises everywhere throughout the world: requiring new protects for people, scattering workforces to remote locations, and creating a pressing requirement for IT reinforcements and upgrades. Large and small organizations are moving quickly to confront this new reality.

At this difficult time, we are focusing on supporting the continued well-being and safety of our employees, our clients, and our partners.

We have issued orders asking people to stay at home to restrict community transmission of COVID-19. We at Serigor wholeheartedly support these initiatives, and accordingly, we have swiftly created an empowering environment for our employees to remain productive, in accordance with our core philosophy for our Employee, Client & Business Operations.

Focus On Employee

  • Serigor empowered many of its employees to work remotely while balancing the need with those recognized as a major aspect of mission-critical & client-critical projects who need to continue to work from our office premises.
  • Additionally, Serigor and our clients have been informing our staff regarding protocols to follow in different situations.
  • We also keep on being in contact with local authorities to guarantee Serigor employees working in global locations are not stranded and do not face any financial related challenges.

Focus On Clients

  • Having set a strong foundation by creating an empowering environment for our teams to continue being productive and by constantly keeping our clients updated on the progress we are making – we have set on the right way. We are working on ensuring no productivity decays leak in, teams stay connected and keep on working together successfully and we deliver on client commitments with excellence.
  • Different project teams are working together with customers on commitment, with regular updates to track progress and ensure delivery excellence, despite the challenging circumstances. As protector of our client commitments, Serigor is partnering with customers to help resolve their business difficulties, and come out of the crisis stronger.

Focus On Business Operations

  • The leadership team at Serigor is monitoring developments closely. As part of the employee wellbeing and business continuity plan (BCP), Serigor has created a Plan through which the executive leadership team at Serigor is constantly reviewing developments across multiple parameters.
  • The leadership team has also been interacting with various industry bodies and experts to stay updated on global developments and respond efficiently to this unprecedented challenge.

We hope you all are safe & healthy.