Understanding the benefits of Dynamics 365

Understanding the benefits of Dynamics 365

Microsoft’s cloud-based platform or a cloud computing technology, Dynamics 365 is its answer to a contemporary business’s need for a platform that can help an enterprise, small or big, connect internally while understanding the customer need to grow, improvise, and connect. Dynamics 365 has multiple, user-friendly, interconnected SaaS or Software-as-a-Service based applications, which means it can be accessed swiftly and easily through a web-browser, unlike the old school technology of installation.

Based on Azure, applications from Dynamics 365 are designed to help a business, its employees, customers and services connect to deliver something bigger and better. Dynamics 365 is also created with the aim of combining CRM and ERP services or capabilities of data integration and processing. This functioning of combining ERP and CRM to be packaged in various applications allows Dynamics 365 to offer businesses’ automated, well-integrated and highly intelligent services catering to areas like sales, marketing, commerce to finance, etc.

Dynamics 365 applications glue different departments of an enterprise internally while bringing them closer to the customers, by being proactive to the demands.

“Salesforce has its nemesis, if word is to be believed.”

Top 5 Benefits of Dynamics 365

The highly scalable nature of Dynamics 365 is the talk of the town; it just combines a set of apps that help a business’s internal sectors of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), finance, logistics and even HRM (Human Resource Management) to be placed on one big plate.

Here is a list of reasons for using Dynamics 365:

Easy Deployment and Scalability

It has to be the top most benefit; Microsoft Dynamics 365 is easy to use, and easy to deploy as it can be used in both cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Deployment depends on a business’s infrastructure and budget. Employees of the enterprise using the Dynamics 365 platform can access their apps from a web browser, a mobile device or their outlook. The ease of change in monthly subscription makes it a scalable business tool that can scale up or scale down based on your team size, workload or budget.

Augmented Productivity

With the ability to access data separately from Office applications or tools like ERP and CRM, Dynamics 365 allows users or employees to access all the data that they need easily in one place. Dynamics 365 presents all data, tools, and statistics needed to work efficiently thus cutting down on efforts, time and energy spent baselessly on searching data, connecting different apps, etc. The result is increased and enhanced work productivity.

Next-level Customer Service

The BI tool of Dynamics 365 helps a business understand its customer, their buying habits, their likes and dislikes and helps in identifying shopping patterns to create a perfect customized sales and marketing strategy as well as deliver ideal customer service. Imagine the growth prospects, if you have access to technology or a system that would hand over the most valuable data per customer, including statistics like time spent on your website, pages browsed, service or products liked or purchased, complaints, returns, etc.

Dynamics 365 helps in improving services per customer with a more tailored strategy and also allows your customer support team to not only answer a customer with the best possible solution to their queries, but also helps them suggest the best products ahead, connect at a personal level and turn a one time visitor into a loyal customer.

Power to Customize

While it is designed to offer a variety of useful modules as well as comes with handy workflow tools that make it easy to strategies work in the different stream of a business, from sales and marketing to customer support and more, Dynamics 365 also ensures you get more than promised with its customizable feature. The pre-built or in-built tools cannot only be customized or edited to meet the workflow need, but if they don’t match your satisfaction you can also change or alter the Dynamics 365 structure at your end based on your KPIs, team, and finance or workflow.

Integrates with Microsoft Products

The most interesting and valuable feature of Dynamics 365 is that it is fully integrated with all major Microsoft products and tools, even the Office 365 Suite. This means that employees of an enterprise no longer need to put in the time and effort to shift data from one application to another. Whether its communication, data analytics or documentation, easy integrations with Microsoft products mean easy switch between Dynamics 365 and Outlook, Power BI and SharePoint.