Top 15 Latest Winter 22 Releases by Salesforce – All about new features & innovations

Top 15 Latest Winter 22 Releases by Salesforce – All about new features & innovations

When they say ‘May the Force be with you’, it’s usually a Star Wars reference but in the era of contemporary business, the statement can also be used to refer to the powerful CRM tool and technology of Salesforce.

Force…Salesforce. Got it?

Salesforce is truly turning the way a business and customer relationship works. Changing the course of the modern sales and marketing industry, CRM platforms like Salesforce have become the need of the hour and are being used by many start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies to fruitfully connect to customers.

There was a time once, when a business like a watch shop would note down the names, numbers and addresses of their customers along with their birth date to send them a greeting card or to remember what kind of product to show on their next visit, then things moved little easier with data collection on excel. While online data generation looked savvy and convenient, the time consumption behind data collection and the huge data analyses were still making things trickier.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management market is where companies are now finding their solution to create a visual representation of all customer data, its analyses and more sorted tracking of customer activity to find the right marketing and sales approach of current products and possible future releases.

What is Salesforce?

A question that has truly become a major keyword on search engines. And what is it? Salesforce is a cloud-based software offering the most modern yet most simplified CRM services to companies seeking to build a customer relationship-based business. Salesforce delivers growth-driven CRM software integrated with many features and apps that further deliver trailblazing, scalable and ROIs powered results.

The unbeatable benefits of Salesforce CRM

Companies and businesses who have tasted a CRM system are spellbound and mesmerized by what it can do. Any business that seeks a decluttered, organized and systematic mode for targeting the right audience and creating a more customer influx-based service will find CRM nothing but a gift. Here’s how Salesforce with its Customer 360 fuels a business:

  • Tracking and managing customer data
  • Team collaboration by connecting different departments from sales, and marketing to creatives
  • Dashboard with visuals-based instant insights, stats and recommendations
  • View of customer’s activity to plan customized services

Latest in Salesforce – All new releases for Winter 22

Salesforce has a habit of overhauling and tuning things with new product innovations and feature releases whether it’s the sales part, the marketing, the commerce, analytics or the integration side of its CRM services.

Here are the latest Salesforce releases:

1. Einstein Search

AI-powered Einstein Search will be a default feature from the Winter Salesforce release offering a personalized and quicker search results

2. New additions to Flow Updates

Salesforce is all set to make additions to Flow update to support both admins and users with features like relabeling navigation buttons on-screen flow, functionality to configure batch size, etc.

3. Introduction of outbound messages

Salesforce’s new launch also includes the exciting feature of outbound messages, which means one can message services that are outside of Salesforce.

4. Improved page performance

Now admin can not only improve their page load time but also get suggestions on minimizing page load time with ease.

5. New Forecast Category

Salesforce has introduced an all-new fifth category called “Most Likely” making the group split of users more convenient. The fifth category would line up with previous categories like Pipeline, Best Case, Commit and Closed.

6. Gauge Charts addition to Dashboard

Dashboards already had the feature of dynamic Gauge Charts but Salesforce has now tuned it to be used beyond its original capacity, allowing you to build a better strategy with this feature.

7. Application for “Your Account”

There have been made changes in the design of the billing section; tabs like Checkout are renamed to Manage Subscriptions. New additions in the “Your Account” app will make it easier for product improvement and it will also help in increasing license count.

8. Enhancements in Migrate Workflow Rules

The Salesforce Optimizer app now bears new changes making it easier for you to restrict or delete some inactive workflows.

9. Easier customization of labels

The new features from salesforce also cover customization or editing of button labels. The easier label customizations of buttons like Pause, Next, Previous and finish is a good release.

10. Home Page changes for Mobile Users

Both android and iOS mobile users will now get a new and improved home page which will allow them to the page appearance via “cards”.

11. Features for Dynamic Interactions

Salesforce has added a new feature called Dynamic Interactions which would make things easier for an administrator. It would even make it possible to see the place a user is coming from.

12. Additions in Inline Editing

The inline editing part has been improved with more options and features. The increased functionality in this area means admins get to edit more parts of it like picklist, date, lookup fields, etc.

13. Updates in Email Templates

Salesforce has also worked on adding updates in the Email Template Builder part of the software, offering newer template options. You can also add Columns and Rows to templates.

14. List Emails through personal email

This enhancement by Salesforce is aimed at making the feature of sending List Emails more convenient. Now admins can send emails via their personal email provider or any other preferred mail provider, while earlier emails were sent via Salesforce.

15. Introducing Flow Orchestrator

Salesforce in its winter release for 22 has also added Flow Orchestrator which was already announced in 2021. This feature allows admin to multiple flows in one dashboard and that too with simple clicks.

Salesforce and releases

These are a few of the many additions or innovations that Salesforce did under Summer and Winter releases. They are expected to make it a habit now to make their CRM services top-notch and unbeatable.